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The town of Milford Haven, situated on the south west coast of Wales, has a rich history shaped by various notable figures.  Perhaps the most prominent of these is Sir William Hamilton, who, through an act of parliament in 1790, founded the town.  Hamilton, a British diplomat and Antiquarian, had a vision of creating a thriving port on the western edge of Britain.  Milford Haven was his brainchild.

Hamilton initially invited Quaker whalers from, originally from Nantucket Island but later from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to settle in Milford Haven, recognising the potential of the town's sheltered harbour as a base for the whaling industry.  The Quakers brought with them their expertise in whaling and soon the settlers became the founders of the town.

Hamilton's vision extended beyond whaling.  In 1797, he persuaded the Navy Board to establish a dockyard on the forshore to build ships.  This was the time of so many of Nelson's famous sea battles.  Lord Nelson visited the town in 1802.  Seven ships were built here before the Navy Board moved to build their own dockyard at Pembroke Dock.

Charles Francis Greville was a nephew of Sir William Hamilton, and his agent and heir.  He was trusted by Hamilton to oversee the development of the town due to Hamilton's frequent absences. His diplomatic activities. meant that he spent considerable time in Naples.

Charles had something of a reputation as a 'man about town' which some say caused difficulties in raising the funds for the development.

Added to this his mistress, Emma Hart, and her mother as chaperone, travelled to Naples with Sir William,  and susequently married him becoming Lady Emma Hamilton.  It was during time spent in Naples that Emma met Lord Nelson who was recovering from injuries sustained during the famous Battle of the Nile....the rest, as they say, is history!

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